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MEAB Accredited Little Sponges Montessori

Ofsted Outstanding EarlyYears Provider 2019/2020 Little Sponges Montessori


Max loves attending Little Sponges. There is always a calm and loving atmosphere. Staff are very caring and attentive to each child's needs. His independence and confidence are continually supported.

(Max's mother)

A wonderful, caring, stimulating place that my son adores. Since day one, he has wanted to attend more and more weekly sessions! He is so excited to come home and show me what he has made/created. I am so happy that he is so happy!

(Sammy's mother)


I can't think of anywhere else I'd rather Bonnie attend with regards to her pre-schooling.

(Bonnie's mother)


It is an absolute delight to send Kian to Little Sponges. It is the love, support and personal attention provided by Nicole, Simone and Clodagh which really helped Kian settle so well into the nursery. The secure and caring environment at the Montessori has really helped Kian boost his confidence and communication skills in a very short period.

(Kian's mother)

Ever since Nawaal has joined Little Sponges, her speech improved. She is much calmer than before and repeats the activities which she does at Little Sponges. The best thing is that she applies whatever she learns here in her daily life. We, as parents, are very happy to be a part of Little Sponges.

(Nawaal's mother)


My little girl has been very unruly prior to Little Sponges. Every day I watch her change into a sweet and caring child. She has become tidy with her toys and calmer when she plays. I can see she is very content at Little Sponges.

(Ines' mother)

What a sad day it was when my third and last child waved goodbye to Little Sponges. After seven years of having my children there, I can honestly say there was nothing I would have wanted to change at Little Sponges. The care, commitment and love the teachers have for the children are above and beyond. The school and teaching environment have a 'home from home' feel to it which I can only imagine is a wonderfully comforting feeling for the children spending time there. Topics covered are always of great importance and relevance. The children are exposed to a broad spectrum of festivals which is made to come to life via food, art or a parent coming in to talk to the children about it. I love the exposure the children have to everything, irrespective of their age. We will miss Little Sponges greatly and wish them everything of the best for many more generations who will be lucky enough to experience this wonderful school as their first step into the world.

(Emily's mother)


Max is our fourth child to attend Little Sponges. All our children have enjoyed going to Little Sponges enormously. It is a wonderful environment where young children are encouraged and guided to develop the skills they need. The pastoral care shown by the staff at Little Sponges is exceptional. Children are truly nurtured and supported. Little Sponges has offered a fantastic start for all our children's first steps of independence away from home and into education.

(Max's mother)


I like how well the staff know and understand my son. Little Sponges makes him feel welcome and secure.

(Benedict's mother)


Ana loves her school and so did her older sister, Alicia. I saw her gaining in confidence and become fluent in English.

(Ana's mother)


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