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MEAB Accredited Little Sponges Montessori

Ofsted Outstanding EarlyYears Provider 2019/2020 Little Sponges Montessori


Little Sponges has provided our son with an exceptional start to his education. Miss Nicole and her team are kind and caring but also hugely knowledgeable. They have taken the time to explain the Montessori philosophy to us and helped our son become a happy, confident and motivated learner at just three years old. The secure online platform provides us with effective communication and has helped us seamlessly support his learning at home. We shall be very sad as our child moves on, but incredibly grateful for the wonderfully, positive beginning with which Little Sponges has provided him.

(Alexander’s mother).


Little Sponges has given Valerian a fantastic start in his development. We know he loves the school very much. He always points to the school and he asks if he can visit his friends when we are passing by on a Saturday. He loves the classes, the teachers and his friends very much.

(Valerian’s mother).


Little Sponges is the best nursery! My daughter couldn’t be happier or in better hands and we couldn’t feel luckier that she’s there.

(Tabbie’s mother).


Charlie is always happy on a Little Sponges day. He trots in and doesn’t ever look back. The only time he is sad is when he has a half-day and has to leave before having lunch with everyone at nursery.

(Charlie’s mother).


A superb environment for children to learn and develop. The directresses are caring and considerate of children’s emotional as well as educational needs, which is so important for a first learning experience.

(Nurah’s mother).


My little one has been attending Little Sponges for nearly a year now. He is thriving under the care of the staff. Not only do the teachers take great care of Alfie, but also always keep us updated of his progress.

(Alfie’s mother).


Rosie has settled into Little Sponges seamlessly as the warm, homely environment gives her the sense of security that she needed to flourish. Almost immediately, she looked to the staff members for care, smiles and encouragement. The range of unique toys always amaze me and truly captivate Rosie as she is always excited to come to Little Sponges and talk about her sessions afterwards.

(Rosie’s mother).



Little Sponges is a treasure! It is a place that you can trust. It is a place of love and genuine care. They respect the children like their own. They really follow the true essence of Maria Montessori.

(Nina's mother).


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