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The children will learn about the various types of minibeasts, exploring their habitats such as under logs, stones, in damp places, on flowering plants, and in water. They will learn about the conditions in which they need to survive such as air, shelter and water. They will go on a Minibeast Hunt in the garden and explore the Science Tub, handle snails, earthworms and ladybirds using tweezers, magnifying glasses and jars. The children will learn that minibeasts do not have a backbone (invertebrates) nor a skeleton inside, some have a hard shell to live in and some eat meat (carnivores) while others eat plants (herbivores). They will study the differences and similarities of minibeasts and explore life cycles. There will be many exciting learning opportunities for the children both indoors and outdoors and they will engage in different creative activities through art, drama and dance relating to this topic.

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