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The topic for the first half of the summer term will focus on SPRING. The children will observe the weather and the plants’ transition from winter to spring. Outdoors, they will look for signs of spring; budding trees, blossoms, nesting birds and use all their senses to embrace the season of Spring. The children will learn about the parts of a flower/plant and feel the earth in between their fingers as they plant their seeds in pots and flowers in the garden. Activities will include going on a Nature walk, collecting natural materials with which to make collages, looking at the food we get from plants and animals and taking part in a Litter Walk.
Next, the children will focus on The Farm and Farm Animals and their Young. They will explore the many different kinds of animals that live on a farm, and their young.
Visits will include a trip to Greenwich Park, the Florist, The Creaky Shed and the Butchers.
The many exciting activities will be linked to all the areas of the curriculum and provide the children with a rich learning and sensorial experience of the season of Spring. Please see the Topic Plan for further details.

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