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MEAB Accredited Little Sponges Montessori

Ofsted Outstanding EarlyYears Provider 2019/2020 Little Sponges Montessori


Little Chef Little Sponges Montessori


(This Club is available only to children who are enrolled at Little Sponges)

This is a fortnightly after-school activity from 3.15pm to 4.15pm. We cook a variety of recipes, both savoury and sweet, where the children participate in the food preparation including weighing, mixing, pouring, counting and cutting. They learn about following detailed instructions, and patience in waiting turns and letting the oven do its job. The sessions are a great success and thoroughly enjoyed by the children.

The dates of the cookery club from September 2019 to July 2020 are as follows:

September : Monday 30th
October : Tuesday 15th, Wednesday 30th
November : Thursday 14th, Monday 25th
December : Tuesday 10th


January : Wednesday 15th, Thursday 30th
February : Monday 10th
March : Tuesday 3rd, Wednesday 18th
April : Thursday 23rd
May : Tuesday 5th, Wednesday 20th
June : Thursday 11th, Monday 22nd
July : Tuesday 7th.

The cost of the session is £8.00 (payable on the day) and places are booked on a first-come-first-served basis by email. As spaces do fill up quickly, please advise as soon as you can if you would like your child to attend. Notice of cancellation should be given a day in advance to avoid the charge of the session being incurred and if a booked session is not attended for any unknown reason, the full charge will be made. 


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