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MEAB Accredited Little Sponges Montessori

Ofsted Outstanding EarlyYears Provider 2019/2020 Little Sponges Montessori


Petra absolutely loves going into Little Sponges every week, and always comes out fizzing with excitement and enthusiasm about her time there. We feel very happy with the warm, nurturing, calm and stimulating atmosphere of Little Sponges, as well as its gentle structure and always personalised approach. It's been wonderful to watch her confidence grow in both learning and interaction with other children.’
                                                                                                                 (Skye’s mother)



Zadie thrives at Little Sponges. She skips in with barely a backward glance to say goodbye. The staff are so wonderful and caring; they treat each child as their own. As a mum sending my child to a day care setting for the first time, I was filled with worry, but the staff were incredibly supportive and I soon felt at ease, and Zadie settled quickly. This nursery is such a special place, and I feel very fortunate that Zadie is having such a positive start to her education here.
                                                                                                                (Zadie’s mother)


We could not be happier with the time that Léo and Raphaël have spent at Little Sponges. From the very beginning and their settling in, to learning the routine and getting to know their surroundings and new friends, through potty training and lots of other important learnings. Both Léo and Rapahël absolutely love going to nursery and we have seen such a change in their emotional and behaviour regulation since they have started there. Nicole and Simone’s support throughout has been invaluable - from their observations of the boys’ behaviours, identifying their needs, to putting strategies in place with us to support them - with great success. The boys will miss it so much thank you for being so wonderful! 

(Mother of Léo and Rapahël)

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